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Ark Patrol – Curious (Feat. Victoria Zaro)

By on October 18th, 2016


“Curious” is a mysterious sounding electronic pop tune full of sweet melodies and lush sounds that move forward with robotic like precision. Victoria Zaro’s vocals keeps you locked into the lyrics with a melancholy tone that both entrances and tugs you into her pensive state of being. The record is built with light and charming synth sounds and melodies, but yet the combination of it all with Victoria’s vocals result in a somber sounding tune. According to the artist “The sounds and song structure are a callback to a more 90s – 00s pop style. Alternative electronic pop. It would be nice if this song reminded listeners of what’s out there. The styles we’ve left behind as a world and the room there is still left to discover as a generation.” Out today on Heroic recordings you can stream “Curious” here.